Hi there! I'm Jamie...

In true southern fashion, I share my middle name with my sweet grandmother & my last name with a wonderful man who stole my heart many, many moons ago in a small little southern town that we reminisce about often. 
I am a Moma to two perfect little blonde-haired, blue eyed babies. They have beautifully turned my world upside down and I have come to love the blissful chaos that is two little boys. 

To be perfectly honest, I never would have thought that my fancy little marketing degree from the University of Georgia would have landed me here. I have worn many hats in my short 30 years but there hasn't been anything, aside from becoming a mother myself, that has lit my heart on fire quite like this. 

I love children. I love beautiful imagery. And most of all, I love putting the two together. 
Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs, I'm so glad you are here! 






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