I'm a (self-diagnosed) Lululemon addict, and most day you will find me with a cup of coffee (or a Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte, who am I kidding), hair up, taxiing my boys to and from carpool & the ball field. There are many things in life that make me happy, and few that top that list are a clean set of sheets, a fresh pedicure, and a full fridge (it's the little things, you know)! I truly adore this career I have created, but my favorite title of all is "Mom". 

Hi! I'm Jamie Sapp and I am so glad you are here! Having lived in the south my entire life, I'm drawn to all things warm, cozy & sweet - be it a glass of sweet tea or a friendly hug goodbye. 

I love children. I love beautiful imagery.
And most of all, I love putting the two together.

My two boys + husband are my world and will forever be at the heart of what I do. They love all the balls, boats, and boy things + I think it safe to say I've come to love the "ball mom" status that I never knew I wanted.  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world, I'd love to be able to tell your story through my lens!

I believe in grace.
I believe in balance.
I believe in this season of life and all of it's little details.
I believe in embrace; the sleepless nights, the fresh new baby smell, the sound of that sweet laughter, the patter of those first few steps, to the goldfish crumbs at the bottom of your purse (let's be real).
It's messy.
It's beautiful.
And mostly, I believe it's worth documenting.  


Having photographed over 400 newborns, I have found that I produce my best posed newborn work in my studio. Located within my home in Loganville, GA we have access to everything we need (not just what will fit in my car)! From outfits, to styling to snacks, I provide all we will need for the session & it’s all right at our fingertips. Complete with a playroom for siblings + a comfy couch with a really sweet view - I strive to make your time with me as comfortable as possible.

Let's tell your story!

The Studio