I have put a number of years into the research & art of soothing, posing, and styling days-old babies. I’ve posed little bodies, perfected tiny fingers, and been pooped on by hundreds of precious newborns over the past few years. And I can say without hesitation that I love everything about newborn photography…even the later part of that description 😉  And while most clients seek me out for posed sessions,  I have recently come into a number of clients that are opting for lifestyle sessions. Lifestyle sessions are on-location and shot within a client’s home. They don’t require all the resources that a posed session requires, yet they still challenge me creatively. They also provide the sweetest opportunity to capture life as it is at home with your new baby.

Lauren and Craig are good friends of ours. Craig and my husband grew up together, so it’s a little surreal to realize the seasons of life they’ve transitioned through together.  Needless to say, I was so tickled to be able to document this time for them.

Thank you, Lauren and Craig, for trusting me with your little girl. She is precious!



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